Katrina Too

One Dozen Rabbits #3

Katrina Too from ScanTrust walked us through a smart packaging/blockchain implementation using Hyperledger Sawtooth to track coffee from the farm in South American to the coffee shop in Shanghai.

Katrina Too is head of marketing at ScanTrust, a smart packaging company. ScanTrust recently completed a project with Cambio Coffee, an ethical coffee trader. Cambio Coffee’s customers care about the product they’re buying, so in order to ensure integrity, they set out to track the coffee supply chain from the farms in South America to the point of sale in Shanghai. ScanTrust used their smart QR codes, along with Hyperledger Sawtooth, for supply chain tracking.

We discussed why a permissioned blockchain was right for this project, as well as some other reasons why the team chose Hyperledger. Katrina talks about the difference between crypto and blockchain, and underscores blockchain as infrastructure. We delve into a blockchain buzzword: fungibility.

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Producers: Ann Willmott & Zayi Reyes

To make this podcast, we turned to the best resource we know, vo2gogo, and got ramped up fast. We figured out what tools we needed and what steps to take, and we had private coaching – invaluable! [...]  read more

Eva Beylin & CryptoWendyO

One Dozen Rabbits #2

In this episode we continue our conversation with Eva Beylin, where we touch on #DopeFi, and then chat with the incomparable CryptoWendyO – mom, meetup maven, and all around smart person.

We discuss Eva Beylin’s rhyming tweets, like this one: “This means we can bank the unbanked, spank the unspanked, thank the unthanked.” We touch on #DopeFi and talk about the kinds of jobs available in crypto and blockchain. We ask her to define a blockchain buzzword, and find out that it’s a word she doesn’t use anymore.  [...]  read more

Eva Beylin

One Dozen Rabbits #1

In this episode of One Dozen Rabbits, Zayi Reyes and Ann Willmott chat with Eva Beylin about all things Ethereum, her economics research, and why she doesn’t regret rage-quitting her job in the financial sector.

Eva Beylin is currently contributing to the Ethereum Foundation, and conducting research on consumer payment behaviors. Early on, she used her business school training in economics to get a job in management consulting. Finding herself bored – and angry – she quit her job, and invested her energy in the study of blockchain, Ethereum in particular.

She has worked on a number of Ethereum-based projects including OmiseGo.  As always we have more questions than answers! [...]  read more