Blockchain Basics: Special Event – April 22, 2019

Featuring Rachel Cook, founder of Seeds

The Gift of Abundance

Seeds tokens allow anyone to ask for monetary help – and receive it as a gift – with no strings attached.

Rachel Cook, the founder of Seeds, will talk about how we’re collectively shifting from a scarcity paradigm into a new economic system of abundance, what that has to do with the correction of the imbalance of masculine and feminine energy on earth (and in all of us), and how cryptocurrency – and particularly Seeds – can drive the architecture of this new way of being. Rachel will demonstrate how Seeds works, and participants will have a chance to acquire tokens and give it a try themselves. [...]  read more

Join Us on the Adventure

The Rabbit Hole is a woman-powered blockchain community that promotes the participation and leadership of women in blockchain. Our events are open to all, and we invite you to join us on the adventure!

A Little Recent History

The Rabbit Hole is run by an all-volunteer group of professional women who are passionate about blockchain technology. We come from different industries (software development, law, entertainment, marketing, even yoga!) We have one thing in common – when we began to understand blockchain, we all went down the rabbit hole...

A Leveling Effect

"Blockchain will only reach mainstream adoption with the participation of women as builders and users of the technology. The nature of blockchain — a distributed ledger that records information in a tamper-proof, trustworthy way...

Dive into The Rabbit Hole!

Deep Dive: Ethereum vs. EOS, Choosing the Right Platform for Your Project

Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019, 7:00 PM

Cross Campus
929 Colorado Ave Santa Monica, CA

26 Members Attending

Dive in! Gain a deeper understanding of blockchains by contrasting Ethereum and EOS. Barbara Bickham — CTO, Strategic Blockchain Advisor, and Lead Advisor for the IBA Blockchain Accelerator based at USC’s Marshall Business School — will provide an overview of Ethereum and EOS followed by a Q&A to help you determine which platform works better for…

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