A Little Recent History

The Rabbit Hole – September 2018

The Rabbit Hole is run by an all-volunteer group of professional women who are passionate about blockchain technology. We come from different industries (software development, law, entertainment, marketing, even yoga!) We have one thing in common – when we began to understand blockchain, we all went down the rabbit hole, dedicating significant personal time to learning more. We attended meetups so we could meet others. We bootstrapped ourselves into knowledge, and – I think anyone interested in blockchain can relate to this – found that it’s a continuous process.

The Rabbit Hole started when two of us met at an Ethereum meetup, and decided to have coffee and discuss blockchain. Then we wondered if there were other women who might want to join. There were! We started as a round table, where every member had a voice and could share their expertise.

We connected with about 40 women from May to August of 2018, and in September 2018 we decided to broaden our horizons with a cocktail party. We invited other women by word-of-mouth, put together a fantastic panel moderated by Jesse Lucas of Melrose PR, and held a successful event sponsored by ConsenSys and Blockdaemon. Thanks to all those early supporters of The Rabbit Hole!

That event really helped refine our intent – not just to discuss blockchain, but to actively contribute to the development and diversity of the whole ecosystem. We knew we wanted to empower others to participate, and transfer the knowledge and expertise we have gained.

At the end of 2018, we formed an Advisory Board to formulate a Mission, then create and execute an ambitious plan for 2019. Join us on our adventure down The Rabbit Hole by signing up for our mailing list and attending our upcoming Events!