Mission & Purpose

To promote the participation and leadership of women in blockchain

  • We create the community we want to see, for the success of all.
  • We welcome newcomers
  • We build community through networking and partnerships
  • We help women (and others) develop pathways to blockchain careers
  • We promote and train women as experts
  • We create top-quality, relevant content

Advisory Board

Barbara Bickham

Barbara Bickham is the Founder and CTO of Trailyn Ventures, a Blockchain Advisory Company. She has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Augmented Reality and AI. Barbara is also The Chief of the Block at the Blockchain Accelerator for Global Growth, which helps companies prepare for funding and scaling.

Jill Carrigan
Jill Carrigan is an entrepreneur, creator, innovator, leader, and turn around expert, who develops projects from inspired ideas to lucrative products, and respects, cultivates, and empowers talented professionals.She is the COO of IngleDodd Media and a blockchain entertainment advisor.
Anisa Khoshbakhtian

Anisa is a co-founder of Digital Asset Advisors, a blockchain and emerging technology consulting group, and has success in marketing and business strategy for blockchain startups in various industries. She is driven by her passion to empower diversity, connect people to innovative brands, and find blockchain solutions for everyday consumer needs. 

Kseniya Lifanova

Kseniya Lifanova is a cofounder, partner, and software developer at Upstate Interactive, which now offers smart contract development services.She founded the dApp Ladies Meetup to inspire and teach female developers how to build decentralized applications. Her mission is to encourage women to take part in this nascent stage of the blockchain revolution.

Zayi Reyes

Zayi Reyes is the head of Partnerships & Marketing at Unstoppable Domains. She has developed extensive social media and event strategies for blockchain startups, initiated go-to-market dApp campaigns, and translated cryptoeconomic concepts into relatable consumer products. She is a founding board member of The Rabbit Hole. Zayi believes that blockchain technology provides not only transparency and trust, but also alternative solutions for underrepresented individuals around the world.

Virginia Reyna

Virginia Reyna is the co-creator, producer and host of The Crypto Cafe TV show. From saving the bees to self driving cars, she explores the fascinating world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and how it is revolutionizing our world.

Morvareed Salehpour

Morvareed Z. Salehpour is Managing Partner of Salehpour Legal Consulting, representing clients across the nation ranging from entrepreneurs and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. She works in a variety of industries, including blockchain, real estate, entertainment, technology, media, banking, cannabis, and healthcare. Ms. Salehpour is also a trustee of the Santa Monica Bar Association and a regular speaker and writer on blockchain and tech law issues.

Horecee St. Cyr

Horecee St.Cyr is an actress and producer. She has co-starred in network shows and films, including American Horror Story and The Late Late Show with James Corden in addition to producing content for Viacom Networks, Gentleman Jack and NAACP. She began exploring blockchain while producing the ConsenSys Blockchain Holiday Conversation. Additionally, she hosted the Black in Blockchain Series at the 2018 AfroTech Conference.

Jan Young

Jan Young has 15 years of expertise in digital media, and has worked in Account0 and Product Management. She has an MBA from Columbia Business School, is a certified CSPO (Product Owner) and Scrum Master, and is currently working on certifications in Blockchain Business and Architecture. You can find her Blockchain blog for non-coders on Medium at Blockchain2Go.

Ann Willmott

Ann Willmott is a television producer and blockchain obsessive. As line producer on the daytime TV show The Bold and the Beautiful, she oversees 125 hours of television production annually. She first invested in bitcoin in February of 2014, and first bought Ethereum on Poloniex in 2015. She has proceeded to HODL ever since.