Bitcoin was up, and we were down for a party

The Rabbit Hole teamed up with Blockchain Beach to host 350 people for a bitcoin pizza party on May 22, 2019. There were prizes, pizza, and fascinating guests. The party was sponsored by some great partners! Bitcoin was up, and everyone was down for a party.

Bandero is a premium tequila using the finest Blue Weber agave from high altitudes in Jalisco, Mexico. It’s radical in flavor and style, bringing new meaning to the phrase “Spirit of the Revolution.”

Bogart’s: a collection of award-winning spirits distilled in California, inspired by the legendary Humphrey Bogart.

ABK Beer: with 700 years of Bavarian brewing tradition, this award-winning beer is “definitely the best beer in the world.”

Wines were provided by Crypto Sipto – check out the YouTube Channel to enjoy videos about wine tasting and cryptocurrency.


Blockdaemon: empowering businesses to quickly deploy and iterate innovative blockchain applications

Enjin: Build blockchain games, and mint your own custom digital collectibles, no dev skills needed.

iTrust Capital: Trade digital assets in your IRA/401K

MetaX: Unlocking the blockchain for digital advertising.

PCDC Auction House: Join on Telegram to discover the world of digital collectibles and rare digital art.

Rhovit: The content platform that rewards everyone using digital currencies.

Upstate Interactive: custom software that fosters growth and efficiency for the modern enterprise.

VeriCrypt analyzes the news and identifies fake articles in your feed.

Virse: Create your virtual universe.