Two Events – All the Basics!

Curious about blockchain? This event is suitable for all – students, professionals, community groups, small business owners. Learn what blockchain technology is all about and how it will influence and disrupt many industries. Held at the USC Campus from 10am – 5:30, this free and inclusive event will include networking and lunch.

  • Blockchain at Work
  • Community & Social Impact
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Supply Chain
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

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To understand the bitcoin network is to understand where blockchain technology came from came from, and where it’s going. Hear from expert bitcoiners and find out why bitcoin is a BIG DEAL. Learn about bitcoin mining, nodes, and the Lightning Network. And we’ll talk about the global economy and the future of finance. This free event includes brunch and networking. Presented in partnership with the OC Bitcoin Network.

  • Is bitcoin real? YES (Is money real?)
  • Is bitcoin illegal? NO.
  • If I buy bitcoin, can I sell it again? YES.
  • Is bitcoin dead? AGAIN? NO.
  • Who is in charge of bitcoin? LONG STORY SHORT – NO ONE.

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