Tamara Zubatiy, Founder & CEO, Vericrypt

One Dozen Rabbits Podcast #17

Vericrypt uses machine learning and AI to help identify the emotional content and bias of news. The plan is for it to run autonomously on a distributed system so it will be a completely independent guidepost to news trust. We spoke to Tamara Zubatiy, CEO of Vericrypt, about how her team is building tools to fight back against media and data manipulation. To do this, they’ve studied objective language, and figured out how to separate information from stylistic overlays that are designed to manipulate. They started with crypto news, but up next..the 2020 election.

Tamara recently graduated from UC San Diego with a BS in Cognitive Science with emphasis on Machine Learning and Human Computer Interaction.  [...]  read more

Blockchain Solutions Architect Greg Skerry

One Dozen Rabbits #11

Greg Skerry is a blockchain solutions architect. He talks about trying to solve for a client’s pain points without introducing more…pain points. We dig into supply chain and the issues and risks that arise when the real world interacts with data on the blockchain. We talk about the different mindsets involved in permissioned vs. open chains, and how there is balance in the Force, uh, ecosystem. [...]  read more

Robin Hauser on Bias – One Dozen Rabbits podcast

For two episodes in a row, we are not going to talk about blockchain at all! 

We talk with documentary filmmaker Robin Hauser, whose most recent film is called BIAS. We hear about implicit bias, also known as unconscious bias, and how it affects both men and women. We talk about bias in technology, and how technology, specifically VR, can help. Robin gives some insight on how to work around the biases we may not even know we have, and how women can educate men and recruit them as allies. She also asks the rhetorical question, why are we still talking about the gender gap?  [...]  read more

One Dozen Rabbits 8: BitSavage

We talked with BitSavage at the Global Hackathon in April 2019. He takes us deep into the rabbit hole, where non-fungible tokens – NFTs – are being bought and traded as collectibles. We do a lightning round on his new business model – already several weeks old! And Zayi gives us a quick explanation on the meaning of “non-fungible tokens.” [...]  read more

Morvareed Salehpour

One Dozen Rabbits #7

Blockchain attorney Morvareed Salehpour takes us into the rabbit hole on the Uniform Regulation of Virtual Currency Businesses Act. Why is this important? After all, crypto is borderless! That is true, but U.S. businesses have to comply with federal and state laws – which can be a patchwork of different regulations, sometimes without much guidance as to how they should be applied.  [...]  read more