Austin Davis & The Global Hackathon

One Dozen Rabbits #4

This week’s episode is all about The Global Hackathon and we talk with Austin Davis about his big vision. These will be held around the world and the next one is in Los Angeles on April 8, 2019 during Los Angeles Blockchain Week. We get the inside track on the prizes, the challenges, and the programmable robot. 

Austin Davis is the co-founder and CEO of The Global Hackathon, the founder of Blockchain Beach, and a co-founder of Gox Rising, as well as other ventures.

We talk about:

  • structured and unstructured hacks
  • the contest and the reasons to participate
  • possible models for future hackathons 
  • blockchain agnosticism
  • the blockchain revolution: saving us time, our most precious resource
  • AI & quantum computing

Austin shouts out to Eric Garcetti, Gavin Newsom, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. And Zayi throws down a dance challenge for the CIS kickoff party at the Conga Room.

Austin also mentioned that The Rabbit Hole and Blockchain Beach are co-hosting a party on May 22. That’s bitcoin pizza day, the anniversary of the first real world transaction with bitcoin in 2010, where 10,000 bitcoin were traded for two pizzas. May is also the one-year anniversary of The Rabbit Hole. Yes – there will be pizza! Save the date.

One Dozen Rabbits is a podcast of The Rabbit Hole, a woman-powered blockchain community. We are building the community we want to see for the success of all.

Producers: Ann Willmott & Zayi Reyes

To make this podcast, we turned to the best resource we know, vo2gogo, and got ramped up fast. We figured out what tools we needed and what steps to take, and we had private coaching – invaluable!

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