Eva Beylin & CryptoWendyO

One Dozen Rabbits #2

In this episode we continue our conversation with Eva Beylin, where we touch on #DopeFi, and then chat with the incomparable CryptoWendyO – mom, meetup maven, and all around smart person.

We discuss Eva Beylin’s rhyming tweets, like this one: “This means we can bank the unbanked, spank the unspanked, thank the unthanked.” We touch on #DopeFi and talk about the kinds of jobs available in crypto and blockchain. We ask her to define a blockchain buzzword, and find out that it’s a word she doesn’t use anymore.

CryptoWendyO lays out some mass adoption strategies and gets us ramped up on MonetaryUnit (MUE) and Flubit, where people get discounts on everyday purchases using crypto. We talk about how she went down The Rabbit Hole after initially rejecting the idea of “magic Internet money.” Wendy is a self-taught trader who educates via live streams, YouTube videos, her Twitter account, and by holding Meetups. She’s also got a busy household with husband and two-year-old daughter, so she gives us an easy dinner tip. “Crockpot!”

Both Eva and Wendy appreciate being part of, and helping shape, the crypto/blockchain community, and want to inspire others to dive down….the rabbit hole.

One Dozen Rabbits is a podcast of The Rabbit Hole, a woman-powered blockchain community. We are building the community we want to see for the success of all.

Producers: Ann Willmott & Zayi Reyes

To make this podcast, we turned to the best resource we know, vo2gogo, and got ramped up fast. We figured out what tools we needed and what steps to take, and we had private coaching – invaluable!

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