Eva Beylin

One Dozen Rabbits #1

In this episode of One Dozen Rabbits, Zayi Reyes and Ann Willmott chat with Eva Beylin about all things Ethereum, her economics research, and why she doesn’t regret rage-quitting her job in the financial sector.

Eva Beylin is currently contributing to the Ethereum Foundation, and conducting research on consumer payment behaviors. Early on, she used her business school training in economics to get a job in management consulting. Finding herself bored – and angry – she quit her job, and invested her energy in the study of blockchain, Ethereum in particular.

She has worked on a number of Ethereum-based projects including OmiseGo.  As always we have more questions than answers!

  • Payment systems for the unbanked: how do these systems need to differ in different nations?
  • Loyalty points – are they similar to utility tokens?
  • What are the killer apps in the developing world? What if, through staking and consensus, we can own part of the mechanism of banking, in a way that is not possible now?
  • Ethereum and scalability – what are the importance of watchtowers, and how do they work? Can users run their own watchtowers and be challengers for their friends?
  • Plasma chains vs. state channels – what are some of the use cases? Eva suggests state channels for transactions where privacy is optimal – like pornography, and investments.

We talk about projects she saw and worked on at ETHDenver, including DADI (Decentralized Autonomous Dildo Interaction) – a smart contracts auction project that made back the cost of the materials!

And we discuss ways you can contribute at a Hackathon if you are not a developer.

One Dozen Rabbits is a podcast of The Rabbit Hole, a woman-powered blockchain community. We are building the community we want to see for the success of all.

Producers: Ann Willmott & Zayi Reyes

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